What is Freeplay?

““It’s the freedom to feel music, to conceive and to interpret it. This new genre is a step further than mere fusion, it’s a way of life. Freeplay goes hand in hand with freelife and freeliving., This means being the person you want to be and doing what you want to do without worrying about what is considered correct or acceptable. It means breaking free from social norms, rules and taboos without looking for justification.”.

Acerca del Freeplay

Although purists of classical and Flamenco guitar may disapprove of musical change, evolution is inevitable. It can and should be good. My own journey began with intensive training. Studying the techniques of those masters who have preceded us, I learned everything I could about the classical styles. Only then did I feel that I had earned the right to develop something new, a style that was able express my own musical character. I called it Freeplay.


Freeplay means going with the flow of the sounds in the world around us, the rhythm of your blood, the rhythm of life, of the unknown, where the only limit is our own imagination. Freeplay is improvisation. Like life, it does not come with a step by step manual. As the days go by, we begin to discover who we are, to hear our own rhythm, and during the improvisation our emotions and experiences will revile the music.

Freeplay is pushing your aspirations and dreams to the limit, it is reestablishing your identity at the very edge of what has already been done, but maintain an esthetic elegance and respect that the arts deserve. Freeplay gives you the liberty to explore your sole, find out what it is made of and to not be afraid of showing its true colors. It gives you the freedom to fall in love with everything, with everyone for the simple reason that now you are peering at the world throw the window of your soul.

I am often asked “How can we be free?”. Throughout life we are told to be spontaneous and creative, so the other question comes up “How can we learn to improvise or learn to be free?”, my only response is yet another question “What is stopping us?”.

Spontaneous creation comes from deep within. That which we need to express is already within us. As such, there is no need to find inspiration, but only to unblock it the pathways and let it flow naturally.
We need to be exactly what we have always wanted to be, to the contrary, we are swimming against the stream of life.