Paco Rentaria’s interest in music began at the age of 7. He has over 20 years’ experience on stage. Rentaria began training at the Conservatory of Music of Guadalajara at the age of 8, whilst at the same time studying classical guitar privately. Rentaria gave his first classical guitar recitals at the age of 13, performing such pieces as Anonymous Romance, Bach’s Minuets, Sor’s Studies, Manuel María Ponce, Paganini and Vivaldi. He later revolutionized an approach to classical Spanish guitar by playing Albeniz, Manuel de Falla, and Joaquin Rodrigo amongst others, while introducing his own personal touch.
His concerts and recitals received acclaim from both critics and the public. His interpretation of (amongst others) Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Asturias, Aranjuez, El Fuego Fatuo established his status among fellow musicians.


Rentaria’s taste for classical Spanish music caused him to immerse himself in Flamenco music at the age of 13, whilst continuing his studies of Classical Spanish, thus affording him the position of lead guitarist in numerous ballet companies. This led to a succession of festival and theatre tours. Soon, he was featuring as a Palos soloist, favoring such music as the Bulerías, Sevillanas, Tarantas, Granainas, Alegrías, Fandangos, Tangos, Soleares, the guajiras and the rumba.

Renteria composes, performs and arranges his own music. He was introduced to the world of Rock and Jazz via groups such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queen, Chick Corea, Paco de Lucia, Pink Floyd, Jean Luc Ponty, Santana, Eagles and Enigma. He composed his first piece, Paso a Paso, at the age of 16. For his earliest concerts, (given between the ages of 17 and 20) Rentaria chose programs consisting both of Classical as well as Flamenco pieces. The turning point of his career was the Concerto de Aranjuez which, with the accompaniment of the Philharmonic Orchestra, established Rentaria as a true musician. Only 22 at the time – an age at which very few musicians have the technical skill to master such a piece – Rentaria gave a performance of the concerto which received intenational critical acclaim.

Following this success, he chose to work on an innovative project of his own, a project ultimately resulting in a concept which he calls FREEPLAY. Freeplay encourages musicians to explore their inner being. Rentaria says:

“A musician’s raw material comes from stimulating both emotions and feelings which are born from life’s experiences, from one’s own successes and failures, from one’s imagined experiences as well as the experiences of others It is this catharsis, this energy which feeds my passion and causes me to become another being when I am onstage.”

Among his successes Paco includes performing with the tenor Luciano Pavarotti in Mexicali.  He opened Vicente Amio’s concert in the “Fundacion Alvarez del Castillo”, where he received a standing ovation. Paco was welcomed with equal enthusiasm during a festival in Spain following the opening of a concert starring internationally recognized Andalusian dancer, Eva la Yerbabuena During the Seville Festival Renteria shared the spotlight I with Maestro Manolo San Lucar and has worked extensively with Antonio Canales, considered to be one of the world’s finest flamenco dancers, as well as with the Flamenco singer, Niña Pastori.


The legendary Mexican singer José José, the “Prince of Song”, declared himself to be a fervent fan and admirer of Renteria. The journalist Ricardo Rocha wrote of him, “Paco Renteria is an artist in a class of his own, his musical style is unlike any other Paco has attained unexplored dimensions in musical interpretation”. Journalist Abraham Zabludosky declared Paco Renteria to be the best guitarist in Mexican history.   


Over the past seven years his success has snowballed. Renteria has appeared in theatres and major festivals around the globe. He has performed in over 2000 concerts, has composed over 300 works including 4 concertos for guitar and orchestra, 5 nocturnes and 10 sonatas. His music has served as the soundtrack for feature films, TV series, theatrical productions, as well as for ballet and figure skating routines.

Through the seven albums released by Paco we are able to observe his evolution as a musician. His albums include : En Vivo, Gitanerias, Oceano, Una Guitarra en Navidad, Guitanus, Embrujo and Talisman.

Paco Renteria, is a timeless musician in a new age, He has been credited with injecting youth and innovation into a traditional institution. He developed a sound which he claims as his own. This “signature sound” is evident through his music. One has the impression of music bursting out of him. One cannot but be charmed by Renteria’s stage presence as he explores different rhythms and styles, raising them to new levels (FREEPLAY). The control and restraint Paco displays in his rasgueos (a style of strumming particular to flamenco music) is precisely what gives his concerts an edge, with music which is both original and elegant.

Using his experience as a guitarist, musician, composer and arranger Renteria brought together a group of young musicians who have evolved into an ensemble which has learned how to touch their audience, regardless of country, race or social class.

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After 4 years Paco Renteria is back! His new album, “Paco Renteria en Concierto”, includes a DVD of the concert including his most important hits and a brief anthology of his works. Produced by Carlos Slim, this new, internationally distributed album, sets a new standard in Paco’s career.

Do not miss the opportunity of seeing the live performance of one of the best guitarists of our time – Paco Renteria! It is not often we come across a star that shines quite so brightly. We can only hope that he and his music continue to inspire generations to come with the exceptional coordination of heart, body, mind and soul.